Migrate from Ceph back to local storage

Hi there,
Is it possible to migrate storage from ceph back to local filesystem?
If so, are there scripts prepared for this?
Not being a python expert, seafobj_migrate.py seems to only cover the other way, from local filesystem to ceph.



Hi Martin,

maybe you can setup a Real-Time-Backup Server (https://manual.seafile.com/deploy_pro/real_time_backup.html) and let the data sync over to the backup system (which can be a normal Filesystem). This would require some testing and extra work but i don’t know any other solution for your scenario.

May i ask why you want to switch back from ceph?

Hi Marcus,
thanks for the hint - the replicated backup is indeed a good bet for this.
I actually do not want to go back. I run my own seafile instance with ceph as a backend and love it!
But a customer I am going to migrate seafile to ceph for (scalability!) has specifically asked me if there was a backout strategy. Backups are an option, obviously, but migration would have the benefit of not losing changes made while using the new ceph backend.

OK i understand. So yeah, i think this is the only possible / easiest solution.

Because the backup server uses the same sync algorithm of the Seafile client the whole history and only file changes are synced between the master and backup (after initial sync). So it would be easy to switch back and without big downtime. But i would better test this before telling the customer that this is a possible solution - it might work, but i did not test it with our ceph cluster.