Migrate from intel to arm architecture


i am considering to move my seafile server installation from a vserver to a raspery pi.

Is this possible or are there any constraints that switching the cpu architecture is not possible?


If you make logical backups of your db, I think it wil be possible. But you would have a much worser performance on the pi, I migrated to a ded Server from a pi, but that was in times when I used fastcgi, now it could be better, but you should be carefully with many files at once.

I was afraid performance could become an issue.
So you would not recomment to move to pi? The data directory is about 150GB.

No, with this is not much data, the pi, I hope it’s a pi 3, could handle with it very good. Of course, you should use proxy_pass and not webdav and fastcgi like I the old times where it wasn’t possible to use proxy_pass. And you should use raspbian lite and not raspbian with pixel and small the GPU to 16MB, then the pi is very performant, if you know how the performance was in earlier times you won’t believe how the performance changed.
2 months ago I ran seafile on a pi 2 to try some changes in the interface and with a pi 3 it would be very, very fast.

Edit: If you use Apache, you have to change to nginx when using a pi.

The pi itself is more than strong enough to handle seafile, but data transfer will be the bottleneck. You will only have USB 2 speed. I ran seafile on a cubietruck which is more or less the same as a pi, but offers an SATA interface.
A few weeks ago I switched to a celeron powered intel nuc which performs much better. Of course it is much more expensive than a pi.

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