Migrate Nextcloud to Seafile

Hello, everybody.
How can i migrate Nextcloud Server to Seafile?

Install a new Seafile server, create the accounts you need, install the clients needed on the user’s computers, copy the data over for each client via their computer.

Thank for your quickly answer, but, all user’s data is in a SAN storage, I want them to already have the same data they had on Nextcloud server, and do not have to resynchronize all your data again.

This will not be possible, as seafile stores data in blocks in order to utilize proper file history and deduplication (https://manual.seafile.com/develop/data_model.html)

You will need to import the data via the clients.

ahhh, ok thanks, i will read this link, thanks…

Depending on the number of users and folders to import it could be an option to automate the process using the command line client and API, but depending on the amount of data it could take some time to import all the data.

thanks how? how can i do with API?

Could work somehow like this:

  1. Create an account (exactly one) by hand and set it up with the command line client on your NAS
  2. Create libraries for all folders within the home folder of each user or one per user (depends on how you want to have the data imported): https://manual.seafile.com/develop/web_api_v2.1.html#create-library
  3. Instruct the cli client to sync the folders with the new libraries
  4. Create accounts: https://manual.seafile.com/develop/web_api_v2.1.html#admin-only-create-account
  5. Transfer libraries: https://manual.seafile.com/develop/web_api_v2.1.html#transfer-library

(make sure to use an admin account for the api calls)

About how much data are we (roughly) talking about? Is there at least as much space free as being used (in this case you could migrate everything at once, in another case you’d have to migrate in a few stages)?

Thanks reading all link, thanks