Migrate old libraries to not using port 10001

I’ve had some users complaining that they couldn’t sync some libraries with their Seafile Client. After some research I found that they still used port 10001 when syncing.

After more research in the forum. I found that libraries created in an older version of Seafile, will still use port 10001. Which I would like to prevent them from doing since it’s not part of Seafile anymore.

So I would like to update these libraries to the new standard. So that clients sync these libraries over HTTPS instead. I haven’t found any documentation on this yet. Does anyone have any experience with this?


This post from the old de forum may help: https://forum.seafile.de/t/migration-of-old-library-format-to-the-new-library-format/2094

That seems to be a way that could work. Though I’m not experienced with compiling haskell. I’ll see if I can get an response in the old thread on how I should run it.

Thanks for pointing it out!