Migrating Seafile - unable to open files ( url)

Hi guys!

I have more or less successfully moved Seafile from an ancient VM on Ubuntu 18.04 to a new container on 22.04. At this moment I haven’t configured nginx to serve to this server, so I’m just logging using the IP (say, After a lot of headaches, I managed to get it up and running. The server does show the login, allows me to login and shows my good old libraries. I copied them to a new path for this server, and the mount seems to pick correctly (after dealing with permissions of course!). My problem is, I’m unable to get served files from the website. Preview fails, but I think it’s more revealing that when I try to download a file, I get an error of unable to open So, clearly I missed something literally pointing at localhost. What is this, and where can I set it up? I might have missed, but I think I’ve checked by now gunicorn.conf, ccnet.conf, seafile.conf and seahub_settings.py.

EDIT: Found the proxy_pass on my nginx original server. So it’s from nginx…but on the new server I haven’t installed it yet. Where is it picking it from? Just for further information, this is Seafile 9.0.9 at the moment. After I get it more or less working I’ll proceed with all the upgrades.


I think (but I am not sure) that 8092 is the fileserver part. Mine is 8082, but that’s the closest I have. Seafile generates links into that part from the FILE_SERVER_ROOT variable set in seahub_settings.py, and it should be or (not sure which since you aren’t using a reverse proxy).

I think that setting can be overridden with the FILE_SERVER_ROOT setting you can set in the UI, so changing the config file might have no effect. Check the setting in System Admin > Settings > FILE_SERVER_ROOT too.

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Thanks a lot, Tomservo. You were right, and the settings to adjust were on the System Admin section. I can now check/download files.