Migrating to a new server / changing installation dir

Hi forum,
I’m currently trying to migrate a seafile server installation from one server to another (bigger server). On both linux servers, the same version of seafile has been installed. So, my plan was just to move the data dir and save/restore the databases. However, I just saw that on the new server, the seafile installation has been performed into a different directory. After copying over all the files from the old server and resoring the databases, I ran seaf-fsck (as adivsed to by the guidance) but the tool directly complained that the data directory was missing :frowning:

Is there anybody here, who could let me know, in which files the installation dir is actually persisted and whether its possible to just change it?!

Thanks in advance

I just solved it myself: seaf-fsck has to run under the account of the user who owns the seafile diretories.
And the only place where the data dir seems to be set is under /ccnet/seafile.ini

Happy Holidays for all of you!