Migrating to another server

Hi guys!

I have a really old Seafile install, that has been running from an NFS share, including the SQLite Database. This was done on a VM that has seen a lot of testing, and a lot of backups and restores. I reckon that, being the database files within the share and not the VM, whenever I restored previous backups (like, two days old) helped not having any inconsistencies, even though it’s not the advised operating method (I believe SQLite is discouraged over NFS). I would like now to migrate my server to an LXC container, so it only runs the Seafile application. How would I go about this? Is there a recommended way/guide? Would it be acceptable to keep the SQLite in the share for this specific case? The storage reliability is close to 100%, if it disconnected from the server that would be because I have way bigger problems…I don’t really have connectivity issues between the two :slight_smile: