Migration from Owncloud 7.0.5 to Seafile

Hello Guys,

in the near future i have to migrate all data and settings from an old ownCloud 7.0.5 Server to a new Seafile Server.
The old Owncloud data folder is 80 GB big and has 461 user account folders.

I have no idea how to migrate all this data to the new seafile server.

Do you guys have any ideas or are there any migration tools for this out there ?

Thank you in advance!


please refer to this post

Thanks a lot.
But im an absolut newbie in Seafile and Cloud Migration :grin:

So how do i install and use the seafile CLI to migrate the data ?


Thanks for the link.
But i’ve looked at the site and couldnt find a command for the migration.
Could someone give me an example how to do this with the CLI ?


I don’t think Seaf-cli is the good solution
I would use seaf-import directly on the server

From Owncloud

export list of users (emails)
export data of each users in a folder “email” named

Into Seafile

SFTP to local file system (all directories named by email)
SHELL script to use seaf-import for all users

seaf-import.sh -p <import dir path, must set> -n <repo name, must set> -u <repo owner, must set>

Should be easy and reliable

Any advice from the community ?

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I will have a closer look at this and gladly accept further advices.
As mentioned i am absolut new in the seafile and migration topic :sweat_smile:

So i’ve tested a bit and got the following results:

If i use seaf-import i got the following error:

I also installed the seaf-cli but i dont understand how to use the cli to import the data to seafile.
Could you or someone give me an example ?

Hi @MasterOfChilli

I’ve never seen such an error on seaf-import.
You might have missed or mistyped something
Try first with one folder for one user
if Ok, script it for all users.

Seaf-import is the best way to achieve your goal.