Migration issues with sqlite - Database locked

Hi guys,

I’m trying to migrate the seafile install to a new server. It’s just the same server (a Banana Pi), running a different distro, Armbian instead of Lubuntu. I did as suggested, an rsync copy of the whole seafile install to a new location. But whenever I try to run it, I have trouble…The database seems locked whenever trying to sync files. The web interface seems to work though. The old install keeps working without issue.

Any help on what should I do or how should I proceed?

If you also did an upgrade to Seafile Server 6.0.5 on the new server you could be affected by this Seafile on Raspi: Version 6.0.4 Database is locked error

Currently at 6.04, but the problem seems to only show in the new copy, the old server is still working.

Any idea when will 6.0.6 be released for ARM? As I’m kind of stuck with the migration…