Migration steps of Seafile Community Server 7


We are running a seafile server CE version 7 on Kubernetes cluster as a backend server for one of our storage offerings in the applications. The /home/seafile directory is mounted via a persistent disk of GCP and the same is for mariadb data directory.

One more thing is that we have created backend and frontend related customizations on the seafile server related to account creation and authentication for clients via our internal account and auth microservice.

The goal is that we want to upgrade to the latest version of seafile server with data of the users and the customizations.

If I upgrade the seafile server then the customizations are lost and we do not have track what all customizations are in the system as they were done by a different developer.

Can anyone who is an expert please suggest what should be the course of action here? Should I spin up a new seafile server and perform the data migration and then request a development team to perform the customizations?

Is there a way to upgrade the existing production seafile server with data and customizations? Please help.