Minor improvement for the shared link

I found the current shared link is quite static.
For example, when renaming a file or directory, its shared link will become invalid (showing the requested file does not exist). Ideally, it should still point to the file/directory with new name.
Moreover, if I delete a file or directory, the corresponding shared link won’t be removed (still listed in the “share admin”, and needed to remove manually).
These may not be bugs, but can be improved for better user experience :slight_smile: .


Really? I thought it works the way you explained. I have to recheck my shared links. Very good catch.

I mentioned this a long while back, along with trying to make “vanity” links.

Another improvement would be that a share link can point

  • to a specific (fixed) version of a file/directory or
  • to the latest version
    So one could change a document (beta) while the “public” version is a release version (older).