Mobile application feature requests/suggestions (sorting, local removal and more)

Hello, currently moving my files from an Owncloud server over to Seafile. Overall I like the system as well as the Android application, however one feature I would love to see is auto uploaded files being sorted into folders based on the date. Currently I use the Nextcloud Android application for auto uploads, and other than network changes breaking some uploads, the structure is nice. Some key features include:

If the checkbox is selected, uploads go to a year folder, then a month sub-folder. This makes browsing through years worth of images much easier.

Pictures and videos can be uploaded to different folders, with different settings

Currently we have the option to use the mobile network or not, but other options would be great, such as only upload when charging. (and/or wifi)

I selected a folder and liked the icons at the top, but without labels I wasn’t fully sure of what each did. When I clicked the download arrow it told me my files were downloading, but then…nothing. I had to browse through the filesystem (points for automatically using the SD card) and guess my way to finding where the files were.

For reference, they were located in: (SD card)/Android/media/com.seafile.seadroid2/

Removing Local Files:
While I can download a folder (or file) from the application, and track it down in my filesystem, it would be great to see an indication that the file is on my phone as well as being able to remove the copy from my phone without an external application. In the aformentioned application when you attempt to delete a file/folder via the mobile app it prompts you and asks if you want to remove it from the server and the phone, or just the phone.

Bonus: Add a tab/menu option where you can see a list of all locally stored/copied files and easily remove them as needed. Example case: I use my cloud storage to host audio books/music and selectively sync/download media to my phone for enjoyment. I tend to lose track of what I’ve downloaded, and into what folders, I’d love being able to see where all the local media I’ve downloaded was and purge some/all of it from my phone in the app. Add in browsing miscellaneous other files and my phone can get quite cluttered, requiring I pull out a file manager, track down where the files even are, and manually delete them there.

So we can download files on mobile, I believe there are technical reasons that automatic sync isn’t feasible, however simply being able to manually sync a folder/library (and/or any specific folders/files that have been downloaded to the device) would be great.

Thanks for the great work at everything I’ve seen so far, looking forward to getting to know the community around here.

That’s not gonna happen. Can’t even get the ability to select a subfolder when using auto upload for pictures. See the reason below.