More sync notifications

Hi, we’re starting to use Seafile here at the department, and it looks extremely promising!

There is one feature I would like to suggest though: More/better notifications.
For example, when a library cannot be synced with a local folder, one only notices when looking at the client window (which I assume most people don’t display all the time).

My concrete scenario (macOS 10.12.4, Seafile Client 6.0.4):

  • In my Seafile folder I have a folder “Project_G” that syncs with a library of the same name.
  • When I rename the folder to “Project_H”, syncing stops, as indicated by the orange cloud icon in the client window.
  • However, the folder still bears the green check mark badge in the Finder, and there is no pop-up notification.
  • The files inside “Project_H” lose their badge, but one might not look at the folder’s contents.

It would be nice if Seafile warned me of the “missing” sync folder (for example, when I rename or move my Dropbox folder, I immediately get a dialog box warning me of the issue).

Thank you for the suggestion. We will keep it mind.