Move file to another library failing


I tried to find another topic with this issue, but haven’t been able to find this exact issue.
i have noticed that i cannot move a file to a different library.
Moving file in the same library to another folder is no problem, whit the WebUI and SeaDrive client.

I’m not sure which details or logs i should share, any help is appreciated.

What server version do you use? Do you move files between non-encrypted libraries?


I’m using Server Version: 6.2.2.
the libraries are all non-encrypted.


Sorry, we can’t reproduce the problem on our side, can you provide more info:

  1. the full path of the file to be moved, include the file name;
  2. the size of the file;
  3. the full path of the folder file to be move in;
  4. is there any error msg in logs/seafile.log?