Moved Server IP, Download Links Still Pointing to Old IP?

Hi all:

I just physically moved my server to a new location and ISP, which of course changed the IP address. Running apache2, using SSL (fast-cgi).

I’ve gotten everything up and running again, except that I cannot download files through the web portal.

When I click the little gray “download” button, the link that’s generated points to my old server IP address: e.g., https://207.38.xx.xx/seafhttp/files/57f23316-c458-499d-9bac-4b006111ade8/2A%20FILENAME%HERE.pdf

Obviously nothing is located there, since the server is running on a new/different IP.

I think I’ve updated all the appropriate config files with my new IP, ccnet.conf, and in I’ve updated FILE_SERVER_ROOT to reflect the new ip.

I even grepped the /conf dir for my old IP, but didn’t find anything. I know I must be missing something simple… but don’t know what it is.

Any direction greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,

To add further, when I generate a download link in an attempt to share it still points to my Old IP.

Definitely a config issue… not sure what’s missing. Please advise.

Please explain us why you use your IP as url?

Most likely you will have to update your database link entries to point to your FQDN. Please don’t use your ip instead of a FQDN. Domain names are there for a reason. :wink:

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No good reason, DerDanilo, but it just works.

I was thinking of using noip… haven’t gotten around to it.

In terms of updating database link entries, any ideas on how that can be accomplished?

First I recommend to setup noip or similar. Domains are very cheap, so I don’t get why there are still people that don’t use domains. This also makes it possible for you to use valid LE ssl certs.
If you use share links, who do you share to. Invalid cert and an ip to connect to, just weird, even if shared between friends.

Once done you just have to replace the corresponding strings in the DB. Search and replace.

I’m unsure that this is the issue, because even a new test file I’ve generated after the server is up and running with the new IP address, the download link still points to the old server IP.

I still feel it must be some kind of config issue, but I don’t know where…

any ideas? Thank you!

In this case you should check your settings, especially seahub_conf and the settings in the web interface.


Thank you!! Exactly this was the problem! If I could like your post 1000 times I would.

Here’s the full answer, I changed all of the config files appropriately (ccnet.conf,, etc).

But, I did not change the same settings in the web interface, where SERVICE_URL and
FILE_SERVER_ROOT pointed to the old server address.

From the doc:

" The config items are saved in database table (seahub-db/constance_config). They have a higher priority over the items in config files."

So in short, must change both the config files AND web settings (or disable web settings).

Just in case anyone in the future makes the same dumb mistake…

Thanks again!


I think that either should only work as this is confusing for users. Web or local, not both.

Yes, well, according to documentation “if you want to disable settings via web interface, you can add ENABLE_SETTINGS_VIA_WEB = False to”


Agreed, that it is confusing. I grepped all my config files for my old server address but that didn’t solve the problem, had to go to the web admin settings.

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On default it should be disabled and with new setups it can be enabled on default or should be enabled via admin panel.
The manual needs to exclude such confusion.

We are working on a new manual, hopefully we can do better with these settings.

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Crazy idea that might just work:

Have you tried using an iptables trick to point that IP to
Maybe even setting up IP aliasing… something like that…
It’s a hell of a hack, but it might just work for you :slight_smile:

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