Moving Seafile to a new server

So we’re in progress of moving our seafile server installation to a new server.

We got everything exported from the old seafile server and imported to the new one. Everything is working great there.

But when we change the DNS record to the ip of the new server, everyone gets prompted with the error “Authentication Expired. Please login”. We have tons of clients, and it would be a huge hassle to have everyone login again.

Is there any way to bypass this? We’re using the exact same hostname as before.

Where do you get prompted with the error? In the client or on Seahub using a Browser? The client should keep working, but most likely all users are being logged out on Seahub.

It happens on the Seafile Desktop client.

I’m experiencing the same problem.

I have alot of users connected to my seafile server, and would like to migrate to newer hardware.
I have restored the DB and data on the new server, and everything seems to be running fine.

However when i change the DNS to switch to the new server, the seafile desktop client prompts me with the same error (Authentication Expired. Please login) and the client is logged out.

I hope there is a solution, otherwise i will manually have to relogin all the clients.

Are you using MySQL? Did you shutdown the old server and after that create a mysqldump? And are you using the exact same config files as the old one?


Yes, we’re using MySQL

We did shut down the server and create a mysqldump

The ccnet.conf, seafile.conf and configs are all the same

Ok is there anything in the logs on the Client / Server side?

I found the following in the applet.log file on one of the clients we’re testing on:

[11/13/18 16:00:50]request failed for url/api2/account/info/: {“detail”:“Invalid token”}

[11/13/18 16:00:50]request failed for url/api2/repos/: {“detail”:“Invalid token”}

[11/13/18 16:00:50]request failed for url/api2/starredfiles/: {“detail”:“Invalid token”}

[11/13/18 16:00:50]request failed for url/api2/repos/: {“detail”:“Invalid token”}

[11/13/18 16:01:08]Authorization expired, please re-login