Multi-tenancy: Organization Admin improvements (Pro)

We operate a Seafile Pro Cluster for our Customers where every Customer has his own Organization (multi-tenancy). During the last months of operation we identified the following optimizations that could enhance the experience of our Customers:

  1. As an Org Admin it is not Possible to Search Users or Groups. This is essential if you have large Organizations with multiple pages.
  2. As an Org Admin it is not possible to change the user role. This has to be done by System Admin. This feature would allow us to create predefined roles and provide those to our customers.
  3. Departments can’t have the same name as an other department in other organization. For Example if in org A the admin create a department named Administration this name can’t be used any other org. This is really bad as quite every org has the same departments. Perhaps the Departments could get an org prefix so every org could have departments with the same name.
  4. Change Organization Owner. If the Org Admin has left the customer company it’s hard to add an additional Admin to the org. Here the System Admin should have the ability to add additional admins to a specific org or change the owner completely if the user account should be deleted.

I hope you can deploy some of these features in a upcoming release of Seafile Pro.

Thank you very much!


+1 We would like to see those improvements as well.


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Request 1, 3, 4 can be added soon. But changing user’s role is quite difficult.


Hi Daniel,

thanks for the good news!

If there is a possibility to get feature 2 added as well, we would be really happy. In the main admin portal (System Admin) this is possible for org users currently, so why not just display this dropdown menu for org admins?

The feature is difficulty as we must consider the role assigned to the whole organization. The permissions for a single user must be combined with the permissions of the whole organization.

We can’t reproduce the problem on our 8.0 server.