Multiple Organization/Institution User Management

I followed

And I can add Institution in den admin panle.

but how can I add users/admins to the Institution?

I tried to add the same name as the Institution to the user/settings/Department
but that does not work.

where can I set “profile.institution” ?

thx in advance!

Currently this feature can only used with Shibboleth. The main use case is for educational institutes. In the future we may generalize it.

This is a pity… :frowning:

What is the solution you use for your Business customers?
Up to 10 useres with own User Administration.
And how can I set a quota for These Users.
For all - not each User.



We use a special Hosting Edition for this… Because i don’t know what i’m allowed to tell about this here in the public forum, i suggest you to contact @daniel.pan. You would need a pro edition license for this at least.

Thx. I asked him already when I was asking about the hosting Edition for me. He told me that there is no difference to the pro Edition.

But there is one, obviously :wink:

I will ask him again. Thx!