Multiple Seadrive icons in resource management


Some of our customers with Seadrive client will appears multiple Seadrive icons for resource management.

We provide the Seadrive service to our customers, and in some members, several Seadrive icons appear in the resource management. What might due this?

The problem can be fixed when Seadrive is removed from the workstation with all its files, etc. But this is very tedious, because first you must do separate backups of the files and you need to struggle with the Windows registry etc.

What might cause this and how could we avoid these multiple Seadrive icons?

We use Docker containers, which are installed on a customer-specific basis.

These cases aren’t those where user has been installed newer version of the software and then client do something wrong.


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Please have a look here in the Seafile user manual. This should answer your question.

This said: The newest SeaDrive version should not cause the SeaDrive nodes in the navigation bar to multiply. This was a problem of earlier version.