Multiple Seafile instances on one machine

Hey guys,

i wanna recommend seafile to a friend of mine who runs a few small companies.
Each company should have its on seafile instance and i wanna know from you guys if this can be done and recommended on one machine, (without virtualizing the whole thing of course) without running into any issues or in other words: Can i run multiple instances of seafile server pro on one debian machine with the same stability a singular instance would have?

The alternative would be to create VMs for each seafile instance but i would like to avoid the xtra cost in hardware to build a proper machien when it can be done properly in the way i described.

Thank you for your help in advance. :slight_smile:


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I suggest you to use docker for this purpose. This will simplify the maintenance, upgrade and isolation of different instances. But currently, the docker image only support community edition.

As @daniel.pan noted, this is not recommended and not supported “out-of-the-box” with seafile.

However it is possible:

  1. You need to run the instances under different user ids.
  2. You need to change all seafile scripts so pgrep/pkill will work correctly: s/pgrep/pgrep -u $(id -u)/ and s/pkill/pkill -u $(id -u)/
  3. During install you need to choose different ports for all seafile instances.
  4. During install you need a separate database for all seafile instances.
  5. Don’t forget to apply 2. to the new code before updating an instance!

HTH and again: This is not recommended!


Thank you very much for all your replies.
If its not a supportrted configuration and would be more or less experimental i don`t wanna go down that road.
So my best option would be to virtualize the whole thing.

Do you see any major issues when i want to host multiple seafile installations (virtualized this time) from a single public IP?
Nginx does support VitualHost by using the servername directive, but does seafile play along or would you prefer to give every seafile instance its own dedicated ip adress?

Thanks again.