Multiple users - same directory

Hi there,
I have a Linux machine with multiple user accounts for login. Each user has access to the same directory that is also synced by seafile (and other people with other PCs are syncing this data as well).
Now, there is a big bug:

  1. User BB logs in on machine 1
  2. Seafile syncs the data
  3. User BB logs out on machine 1
  4. User AA logs in on machine 1
  5. User Z on machine 2 changes file TEST.doc
  6. Seafile syncs the data on machine 1 for User AA
  7. User AA logs out on machine 1
  8. User BB logs in on machine 2
  9. Seafile for User BB does not have the history for the changes that User Z made
  10. Seafile thinks that User BB changed file TEST.doc and syncs this history
  11. User BB is now the latest in the history of file TEST.doc

File history of file TEST.doc:

  1. Updated File by User Z
  2. Updated File by User BB

Expected history of file TEST.doc:

  1. Updated File by User Z

Is there a workaround of this problem (e.g. sharing the history across all linux user accounts)? In any case, Seafile should not sync files or mark files as changed if they are identical.

I found a workaround with a single sync user. You create a single user account on seafile side and set up this user as you normally would. Then you can start the seafile daemon as this user and the sync will happen correctly for all other users as well. To have this behaviour an startup you can create a systemd service:

Description=Seafile CLI

ExecStart=seaf-daemon -c /home/[MAIN USER]/.ccnet -d [PATH TO SEAFILE CONFIG DIR]/.seafile/seafile-data -w [PATH TO SEAFILE CONFIG DIR]/.seafile/seafile