MySQL-connections going postal since upgrading to pro 6.0.5

Since upgrading Seafile-Pro from 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 we have a problem with the connections to the MySQL database. Within seconds, tens of thousands of connections are opened and never closed until the database limits are reached. The problem affects 6.0.6 as well.

For comparison, 6.0.4 keeps about 700 connections open.

It could be a bug in recent versions. Could you try to set the maximum connections to MySQL manually in seafile.conf?

max_connections = 100

and in ccnet.conf:


Please report back if this works. Thanks!

That seems to have helped. The parameter was not set before, maybe the default handlng is got bugged in 6.0.5.

Thanks for your help. I’ll report if the problem occurs again.