Native Support for Apple Silicon

As of v7.0.10 the Seafile client works fine on Big Sur and Apple Silicon M1 (I have been evaluating the last few days).

Unfortunately, it only runs in Intel compatibility mode using Rosetta2. Please add native support for ARM Processors.


I would also really appreciate native support. I’m not a project contributor but I tried to compile it myself from the Github. I failed to compile libsearpc as they have some weird dependencies going on that I can’t figure out, but from a look through everything should work with one simple compile as QT and such all work perfect on apple silicon.

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A native Apple Silicone App is under development: SeaDrive 2.0.10 released! Windows context menu extension and M1 CPU support for Mac

Unless I’m mistake that’s the seadrive client which is different from the regular client I use. Although it certainly isn’t urgent, an update to both would be nice.

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Another +1 request for Seafile client to be compiled natively for Apple Silicon.


+1 here too :wink:

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Not only M1, but support for arm64 architecture in general from both Drive and desktop client.

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