Navigating file history mess. Isn't there a better way to pinpoint a time?

Hi guys!

Yesterday I made a series of modifications to a library involving a few million files. I see today these operations went wrong, and I’m having duplicated files and incorrect paths. I’m trying to do perform a do over. So I went to the file history. The file history displays every single file added/modified/deleted, chronologically. Which I guess it’s not a bad way if you have a few files. But if I want to go back to yesterday, I need to go to the bottom of the screen, click next and to the bottom of the screen and hit next…for at least tens of thousands of times. Is there a way to just choose a date and see the changes of that date?? Because if you are having many changes, it makes near impossible to actually go back.


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I agree if it could evolve that would be really good.

Had this use case several times aswell.

I don’t know if the Seafile team is going to add what you are looking for… But it looks like what you need, alongside with your favorite file sharing software, is a backup software :slight_smile:
We use a french online backup software (Arx One Backup), which allows to do so. You can choose your time with a calendar and a clock, or with a ruler just like in Apple’s Time Machine.

jumping to a point in time to see the history of changes would be a nice addition.

I had once a similar issue and ended up changing the page number in the url to jump fast forward, skipping some pages, hoping to hit the correct one. not very optimal indeed.

Why do you use the library history instead of using the file history? If you want to recover a file, you can use the history of that specific file.

I think, because the initial poster wrote:

and then implied that he wants to undo the whole series of changes on many files, not only a single file.

but this is just my interpretation of the orginal text.


It’d be great to be able to narrow down the history to one specific directory.

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