Need informations about Seafile


First, sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.

I have a windows server 2012 R2 Essential with 10 clients on windows 10 and 10 clients on Mac OS X.
I need to replace the sync center functionality provided by Microsoft :

  • sync folder
  • LDAP authentication

The data need to be accessed offline and of course, automatically be synchronized when back online.
The sync needs to be fully functional when connected to the vpn.

I’m wondering if the Seafile Community Edition can provide what I need ?
I don’t need to access data with another manner (web, smartphone, tablet, etc.)

Thx for your information

Yes, Seafile CE should have what you need.


An other question, please :
I can’t find the mac version for Seafile Drive client, should it come soon ?

Where are the data ? Can i access the files without Seafile, directly on the server and modifications are they detect by seafile in this case ?

Thanks for your helps

To synchronize folders you can use Seafile Client. Seafile Drive does only work when being online. I think a Drive Client is planned for Mac but don’t have any more specific information.

To access the data you can use WebDAV, FUSE or the export option of seaf-fsck. See