New docker container release schedule

Is there a fixed schedule when will a new container be released when a new version is announced? Like we have to wait for a week, or it highly depends on the engineers’ mood?

It will be updated within two weeks based on whether the new version is an urgent fix. Which docker version do you missing now?

I have 7.0.3 now. It is a very stable version for me. So it is more or less just a curious question. At the same time, looking forward to see 7.0.5, in particular, the upload share link expiring feature.

7.0.3 is the latest version for community edition now. 7.0.5 is for Pro edition. But we will release 7.0.4 community edition soon.

I assume I have the pro version as I paid for my licenses :smiley:

how do I verify that? and if there is a 7.0.5 pro docker?