New seafile instalation

Hi guys,

I’m instaling a new Seafile server. I’m using an Ubuntu server 18.04 hosted on a Hyper-V VM.

I’m thinking to install the new 7.1 version, even in the beta stage. It’s beem in beta for some time, so I hope it’s almost stable.

I’m thinking in use the new version because I want to avoid to upgrade the python later if I install the 7.0 version.

What do you guys sugest?

We don’t use Seafile 7.1 in production, but I have run a lot of tests with encouraging results.

You know if when they release the stable version I’ll need to reinstall? Or just update my 7.1 instalation to the new 7.1.x stable build

Upgrading a build version is super easy. Just run a minor update script. No reinstall required!!

For more details, see here:

Thanks RDB, I’m going to try using the 7.1 in production so.

I think I’ll have less surprises than upgrade python and other things using 7.0 and upgrading soon when the 7.1 became stable available.

Thanks for your help

Just to share my experience.
My Seafile 7.1.2 is great runing in a
Virtualized Hyperv 2016 VM
VM OS Ubuntu 18.04
VHD 400gb dinamic
6gb de ram

1 Account sharing 20gb with others 4 accounts
4 clients 3 windows and 1 mac os

I’ll wait a week to check if everything is fine and stable, and then start manually moving my others 20 accounts from my old server.

Thanks guys

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