New version of encrypted libraries 7.0.0+

I am wondering what are the changes for encrypted libraries in version 7 of the server. In the 7.0.0 client changelog it says

Support new version of encrypted libraries if server version is 7.0.0+

I searched and did not find any info on changes made?

Obviously, you did not search well:

I mean the official release notes wouldn’t have been too bad a place to start …

Well tnx for the info, i did check the official changelog, but i did not go so far as to check the blog or scroll through whole detailed upgrade instructions, which you linked above.

Ok so i gues algorithm is improved and salting is added, both very good. Next step hopefully client side encryption when using browser and file name encrypting.

No further comment on your search effort.

Salting was always there, just one salt for all encrypted libraries in one Seafile instance.

File name encryption: “no” according to the developers

How to get the version of an encrypted library on a server?
I’m searching a lot but can’t find anything.

When you call https://YOUR_SEAFILE_URL/api2/server-info/, Seafile returns the info which encryption version is used.
Or you can just check your
Is that what you mean?

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By default all encrypted libraries are in version 2, unless you set ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION option in Please refer to