New word documents are always created by 潘灵涛


I’m running Seafile 7.0.8. If I create a new .docx file via the browser (Seahub) , the “created by” tag is set with a chinese name 潘灵涛.
.xlsx files are not effected.
Google Translate says it means Pan Lingtao.
I guess this is the “real/additional” name of Daniel Pan???

In any case this seems to be an remnant of development to me. Can anybody confirm this behavior?

It will be fixed in the next release.

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In early version of Seafile 7 (and also Seafile 6), “Vincent Lee” was author of all DOCX files created in Seahub. Then in a later version of Seafile 7, “潘灵涛” became the new Vincent Lee :wink: But the problem was then fixed in 7.0.x (don’t recall which version).

This said, I cannot reproduce the problem. Not in Seafile PE 7.0.8 at least. The problem still seems to exist in Seafile CE 7.0.4.

I can reproduce this behavior in all 7.0.8 PE instances. Even on
@rdb Maybe there is something special about your 7.0.8 PE instance?

@poly01 I am not sure what I tested earlier, but - you are right - I can now reproduce the problem. (Not so special our Seafile server after all :wink: )

I agree: there is a problem with the author meta-tag for DOCX files created in Seahub.

PS: I would almost bet that the issue had been fixed in an interim version, but I don’t trust my judgement a lot today.