Nginx file permissions in seahub/media/


On a Ubuntu 16 machine i installed Seafile Pro using Nginx. Everything works but I cant set the file permissions so that the nginx user (www-data) has full access to seahub/… files. I am actually running nginx as the user who owns the seafile directory structure.
I tried group modifications, setting the whole tree to 755 (chmod) but i always end up with files that nginx reports “permission denied”, i.e. cache/css/…
Please help


The permissions have to be set to the user seafile


they are, the user executing seafile has full access, i tested it.


Does anyone have a solution? I’m experiencing the same problem.


Note: the problem is fixed when you chmod 755 every directory.


I have the same problem. Why you should chmod directories not afflicted?


Apparently nginx needs to see through all the directories implicated.