No Download Links Generated

Hi There,

short and sweet questions. For some odd reason, I can not generate download links anymore. That goes for both the “right-click” in the WIN10 explorer as well as via the browser w/o any error message. When I open he cloud file browser I get an error “share failed”

All worked before, I did not install anything except the latest seafile version. Because I thought that might solve it. and I just checked there ran a Win10 x64 update yesterday.

Oh, one more: the sync status does not show anymore even though the files are all ok on both sides. Any idea what that could be or cause it could be?

If nobody has a solution. Then I have one… It seems because we had the seafile set on full history and I shared the files with quite a number of people. The server was simply full to the hilt. Cleaned it up, reset the history, working…

Thanks for sharing!

PS: can you please mark your post as solved!

ok done, the solved box ticked

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