No green tick in explorer in spite of the long file path gets synchronized


I am expiriencing problems with long path / filenames. I read this:

There JiaQiang_Xu wrote that “If a file is ignored [because the file / path name is toot long], it won’t have a green tick in explorer.”. I saw some files not having the green tick in the explorer, so I thought - there is a problem because of too long file names. But in fact, the files got synchronized correctly.

It seems to me, that the green tick in explorer is not set by the question if there is really a problem. I would really apprciate having an indicator that reports all real problems.

Seafile Client 5.1.4 on windows 10.

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I used to have similar problems too, but after using
“long path tool” You can use to solve this problem.

Thanks for the hint to the “long path tool”, I use “FreeFileSync” to copy folders containing long paths.

My intention was to point to a bug in seafile client for windows: the green tick in the file explorer indicating that the file is synchronzed, is missing on the files which have a long path.

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This may be due to Windows explorer extension’s restriction. It cannot handle path longer than 255 characters. @lins05 can have a look and confirm this.

You can fix this by using Long path tool. The tool lets you delete, copy or rename long path files.