"no library found" on backup server


I configure a Real-Time Backup sever with official doc.
I show user on the backup server but there’s no library found !

What I can check please ?

Thanks a lot


Please check the following:

  • What can you see in the seafile.log in the backup server?
  • What’s the output of ‘seaf-backup-cmd.sh status’ command?
  • Is the MySQL database properly synced?

A screenshot of the problem would be helpful too.

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Thanks for help !

New users cannot send more than one picture by message !

So I say that I don’t have any seaf-backup-cmd.sh script, like you can see :

I use :

  • seafile-server-5.1.4 ON backup server

  • seafile-server-5.1.3 ON master server


Looks like you’re running community edition? Real-time backup is only available in the Pro edition.

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So it will be great to add it on the top on doc :

Because I spend two days to configure something that could never work :rage:
It will be good to avoid it for another person …

Backup is an important procedure to keep data safe
moreover, the real-time backup feature is currently in beta state with some minor issues,
I don’t understand why I have to pay for keep data safe with a beta procedure .

Of course I can configure a basic backup procedure (DUMP + RSYNC) with the following problem :

  • backup data directory first, SQL later: When you’re backing up data directory, some new objects are written and they’re not backed up. Those new objects may be referenced in SQL database. So when you restore, some records in the database cannot find its object. So the library is corrupted.

  • backup SQL first, data directory later: Since you backup database first, all records in the database have valid objects to be referenced. So the libraries won’t be corrupted. But new objects written to storage when you’re backing up are not referenced by database records. So some libraries are out of date. When you restore, some new data are lost.

seafile doesn’t provide a solid backup solution ?

Thanks for your answer

Maybe you overlooked that deploy_pro only covers topics for deploying the pro-version :wink:
Anyway if you would like to use the pro version, it is free for 3 users.

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The real-time backup is out of beta actually. We haven’t updated the documentation to reflect that.

Periodic backup (for other products too) have a backup window. Within the window, data can be lost. The data inconsistency problem can be fixed by running fsck, as mentioned in the backup and restore documentation. Real-time backup is a nice-to-have feature for more demanding environments.

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