No Picture Preview Video Seafile 7.1.3 free edition

Hi @all,

I set in

but no there is no preview, only the default picture. Playing the video, for example a mp4 in the browser is no problem.
.I installed as user seafile: pip3 install pillow moviepy and also via apt the ffmpeg package.

There is no error in an seafile or Nginx log files.

My OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Any ideas?

Not sure if the last two packages are even needed anymore. They were not stated in the new installation manual.

I’m interested in this topic.

One dump question: die you try a different browser / file?

yes, different browsers (chrome, Edge) with different MP4 files -same result.

Video thumbnails are broken since in 7.0. There is a pull request on github (seahub #4469) to fix it.