No picture when previewing MP4 video

When I preview the MP4 video on the server with the web page, I can hear the sound, but there is no picture.
I have not made any additional settings for my server. So, does this mean that I need to install some extra plugins to preview the video(such moviepy or other ?)? I noticed that the help document on this aspect shows 404.

Can you download the video and open it with your browser? Does it work?

Oh, thanks for your tips, I found that my chrome browser can’t play it either, so I checked the code, it’s Divx, I think I know where the problem is.:grinning::grinning::grinning: @shoeper

Could I resolve the problem via installing some plugins like ffmpeg? It seems that there have been help documents in this area before, but it is now invalid.@shoeper

No. The ffmpeg stuff is only to generate video thumbnails. Unless your server has very much power I’d not use it.

Well, get it, thx