No popup windows after upgrading to Seafile server 7.0.2

I recognized a problem after upgrading from Seafile server 6.3.4 to 7.0.2 CE. When using the web site everything looks fine except one thing. Whenever a pop window should occur (creating libraries, files or even showing server version etc.) nothing happens. I’ve tested it with firefox and chromium.
When I downgraded again to 6.3.4 everything is fine.

Any ideas, what’s the reason for that?

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did you clear the cache of your internet browser

That’s not the reason. I’ve just checked it with firefox.
Thanks so far.

I’ve found the reason and solved the problem.:grinning:

For those, who interested in the root cause:
I used a modified css-style based on the example linked in the Seahub customization section of the seafile manual. After removing this modified css-style everything is working fine again.