No Trash for admin shown

Hi there!
I updated my server to 6.3.4 and loggid in as admin via the web-interface. I deleted a user who has a 10GB Library. So, i wondered that now space is freed. I tried to find out why and found comments on first empty trash as admin. But if i log in as admin, no trash is shown. There ist just nothing then this rotating circle-thing. I wait and wait and nothing happens.

So how to solve this issue?

I have 43 GB of used library-space, but on disc it shows up to be 72 GB with “du -hs”. Where are the hidden 29 GB? Makes no sense to me …


I’ve done all of that, but nothing happens. My first Problem is, that there is no admin-trash. I’m not able to remove the deleted library from the admin-trash.

So i checked everything and i read everything. I have 43gb of data, which is 70gb on disk (linux server with ext4), which i don’t understand. I delete via admin-webinterface a 10gb Library which i am not able to delete because there is no trash shown, always the waiting circle or loading-tip (arch with kde and chromium/chrome/firefox) is shown. No timeout or error message is shown - this is a worst case and this shouldn’t happen to professional software.

I ran with and without -r several times. All libraries have no versioning.

I have no idea what to do.

Well it seems that seafile isn’t a good choice. Better stick to something less buggy

you say this because you can not solve your problem .the forum is here to help you but with so little information it will be hard.
I’ve been using seafile for a long time already and it works very well and it’s very stable.
there are many universities and companies that use seafile and are very satisfied with it