Non latinic symbols in the name of folder result a mistake

When I make new folder in “My library” using non-latin symbols I can’t download files from it in the web browser.
Uploading have been done, but there are no thumbnails of *.jpg files and “The image could not be loaded” if I try to watch it. Try to download it - file is not exist.
The same is when I change the name of folder/subfolder from english to russian. Change name again and all work properly.
Only root folder “My library” can be translated to russian and all work good.
Using space in english name of folder have the same results.
I have tried to do it in Windows and Linux in Opera and Firefox.

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I have exactly the same problem with seafile pro 5.1.8 under my centos 7 plateform.
I haven’t the problem with seafile same version but under debian 8.
You can reproduce it also with a filename with a space or any non-ASCII character.
URL encoding mismatch? No real idea for the moment…

According troubleshooting section in:
my apache version seems to be too old:

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I was so stupid. All have been written down in tutorial.
Yes. I have installed apache2 2.4.23 and OK!!
Thank you.