Non random share links/ Vanity Share Links

When I create share links they appear to be random letter/number and etc.
I would like to create a custom share link for example
That would be easy for for me to quote to someone where they can download stuff off my server. Is this possible?

No, for security reason, Seafile can only use random characters to generate share links.

If the link is a download only link what risk does that pose? Anyone that would gain access to the link would simply only be able to download the contents of that folder that is shared correct? Or am I missing something?
I can see the security on the upload side of things but not download.

Hi @Robbie,

One possible security value I see is that, technically, random characters are less prone to be found than actual words, I guess.

Assuming you’re only needing to have a few static links with ‘pretty’ names (and assuming that they don’t change frequently), one workaround could be to set a redirect in your .htaccess or in nginx.