Noob Questions before 1st Install

I’m currently testing out various applications and I’m just looking for some answers before I do an install of Seafile Pro (I only need 2 users). Here is what I’m wanting to do, can you please tell me if it is possible:

  1. Install Seafile on a Ubuntu Server HyperV VM on my Windows server.
  2. Within Seafile map to my data which is stored on my NAS (I’ve read that SMB mapping is not supported so I’m not sure if this is possible)
  3. Full text search on all files in the mapped drives

I have a lot of scanned files in PDF format which have all been OCR’d so I’m hoping that Seafile would be an elegant way of searching for content within these files and previewing them on-line. Is there any way to map the external content and still have the full text searching work to find these files?

Any help you can give me with this before I start the install would be much appreciated.


I’m using seafile with a netgear NAS, I’ve mapped it using the NFS protocol and it works fine for full-text search, for HyperV I can not tell you because I use a debian server


I’m running Seafile CE on Ubuntu VM hosted on VMware, so there is no reason for Hyper-V not to work.
For Seafile storage I use NAS mapped as NFS share on Ubuntu VM so that part works just fine. But to my knowledge it’s not possible to to point Seafile to existing set of documents because Seafile uses it’s own data structure, so you will have to upload your files manually to Seafile.
Full text search I don’t use so I don’t really know how it works.


That’s great, thanks very much for your quick replies and all the information. That is very useful!


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