Noob Questions for installing

Hello all,
Need some help here getting this up and running.
I am a complete noob so bear with me please.
OS is a WS 2012R2.
So far, I have not been able to even see the site locally. Thing is that I already have sickrage setup on this machine so there is already Python 2.7.11 X64 installed. Would this affect seeing the site even locally?
Is there any way to make this work? What is the best approach here?
Is there maybe a windows server setup guide to follow? I have already searched for one but no luck.

Yes, there is:

Thanks but that is the one i used i the first place.
Hopefuilly something more detailed?:slight_smile:

Maybe the incredibly awful thread at Seafile & Windows= Dead end buggy software can give you some insight?

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Thanks for the answers, i ended up solving this.
It was the order of the path environment variables.

Now before putting this as my main cloud storage solution i need to clarify two things.

Is Mysql actually more stable, error proof and fast than sqlite? Should i make the change?

What is the best practice for backup? I have a bare metal backup running one a day, should this be sufficient to recover from disaster?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks !

Personally I use Mariadb which is a fork of Mysql (Oracle), Mariadb owns a bigger community and is not private, if there is any security problem mariadb is updated faster than mysql (oracle).
For use with several users, sqlite is deprecated, it is better to use mysql
I make a backup every 24 hours of my database, I keep the files 15 days. Is enough for my use

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