Not displaying picture in web forum

Hi there.
Warning : I’m a total newbee. The plan is to host my own images instead of trusting image hosters like Imageshack.
Of course before I came here, I tried the demo. I’ve been to hte picture folder and generated links.
The download link worked perfectly.
On the contrary, the link to the picture doesn’t work on forums. The first one told me he couldn’t check image size. The others forum just displayed the broken image icon.
Is there anything particular to try to get the pictures displayed?
Best regards.

Did you try to add ?raw=1 or ?dl=1 at the end of the link to the picture?

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Thanks for the tips.
Actually “?raw=1” worked perfeclty on all the forum I’m used to post pictures execpt for one that does not accept pictures over 750px wide.
That means I can pass my order for an RPi3 and start istalling my picture hosting home server.

Thanks !