Not getting PRO license after paying


All communications while migrating from community to PRO version where fast and fluid, but once we paid for the PRO license (more than a week ago) like 8k€, we have received no further communication (after being said we will be receiving the license within the same day of the payment).

Has anyone suffered the same problem? My company is starting to think this is a scam and starting legal actions agaisnt SeaFile, but I don’t want to get that further. Obviously, this issue is also affecting my carreer as I was the one proposing to use SeaFile PRO edition for our solution.

Any help?


Payments to China take a while. Don’t panic. We always received our license one or two weeks after the payment.


They told as we will receive the license within the same day of payment. We sent proof of payment and were in a hurry as the temporary license had 2 days left, our system is working in production without a permament pro license…

Anyway, it’s been a week and a half and we get zero responses to our emails, so… my company is REALLY worried.

Dear Luis,
I just reached out to you. Please check your mail.


Finally found the problem. Our systems were blocking Seafile emails due to its domain being added to a list of unsecure sites (you should check this anyway, maybe someone is phising around using seafile’s domain).

The domain was included just the day after we made the payment so no emails received since then.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.