Notification mail translation issue (French)


We’ve encountered a minor issue with notification mail french translation.

In English:

You’ve got 2 new notices on blablabla

In French :

Vous une nouvelle notification sur blablabla

The verb “to have” (“avoir” in French) is missing… it would be :

Vous avez une nouvelle notification sur blablabla

I don’t find an easy way to correct this on my server, how can I patch this ?
Thank you,

I have the same problem in French language

You come from france Romain?

Yes I’m french ! :slight_smile:

We have also a bad translate with something like :

Bob vous invote …

It would be :

Bob vous invite …

I hope we can find a solution quickly because many user do feedback about this…

Hello Romain,

Thanks for your messages.

The first string is correct in Transifex. Maybe a bug.
The second is corrected.

Sorry for that.
Do not hesitate if you see other mistakes to send me a private message or email


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Maybe a bug.

Thanks to you I find more information here : Seahub Translation · haiwen/seafile Wiki · GitHub
And look file : seafile-server-latest/seahub/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/django.po and I find this :

2526:msgstr[0] "\nVous une nouvelle notification sur %(site_name)s:\n"
2527:msgstr[1] "\n Vous avez %(num)s nouvelles notifications sur %(site_name)s:\n"

It seems that the second sentence is correct but not the first one… I’m going to correct this on my servers

While we are talking about translation and languages, I think have the same “typo” for all languages names would be great, I mean: some have capital letter for first letter other have not… why ? and sorting them by alphabetical order would be better too I guess.

Thank you for help.

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