Notification when user quota reached, no more space

It would be nice to send a notification (maybe email?) to admin or user when a user is reaching or ended his quota limit. In the manual I don’t seem to find such an option.


Please send it to the user. Admins have the dashboard and API to see usage.


Totally agree! Please send it to the user and add an option to enable or disable this feature.


A just just asked me a similar question.

That’s why decide to verify the correct behavior of Seafile on this and set a quota below the current usage. It’s no longer possible to upload any files from the web ui nor does the Smartphone Client sync any data.

There is no notification sent to the user when the quota is exceeded which is very disappointing for users using the Seafile client. They trust the sync option of their client but don’t get any notification when the quota is exceeded and no data is synced any more.

All systems using quota send out an eMail to the users when they exceed their quota. I frankly expected this feature already implemented in Seafile already. That’s a must for Seafile.

When do you plan to implement this feature?


You realize you describe the purpose of a quota?

Users are anything but clueless about their storage usage. The Seafile Client as well as Seahub provide info on the matter. I took the liberty to screenshot them. I didn’t bother to check in my mobile app. But I remember that there was a quota report too.


If that is a must, many more things are. Btw: Feel free to contribute to the Seafile Community!

Don’t get me wrong: An email notification would be a useful addition. But it is not a must, nor an almost must,
it is a nice to have.

Any user should have some idea about the extent of her storage usage. I would call this user responsibility. One click suffices to verify this idea. I think this is not too bad. I personally receive way to may emails, I am not feeling sorry for one I do not receive.

I agree. A lot of users don’t do any housekeeping on their storage.

Thank you very much for the screenshot. Frankly I didn’t notice this small bar in the lower left corner before. Actually because I’m much below the quota limit and there is just an empty bar :grin: I tried to find a similar feature in the client but failed. Are you sure there is one? That would be a workaround and the priority of this eMail notification which I see as a must (user trusts Seafile to save the data which it doesn’t do any more silently) should be added to the planned items with a priority higher than ‘nice to have’ :slightly_smiling_face:

This may happen somewhere next year. :wink:

Well, prioritization is a difficult task: The priority depends on the view (stakeholders, users, developers, investors). From my view it’s more than ‘nice to have’ assuming the client also has some way to check the current quota usage. The other folks who also are looking for this kind of feature didn’t state their priority but I’m sure it’s also more than ‘nice to have’

I agree with you. Again - if there is a similar quota usage indication somewhere in the client the user can monitor the quota and I consider this as a workaround until the feature will be available.

Not sure what you mean. I posted a screenshot from the sync CLIENT which you also commented. Are you talking about the mobile apps? If yes, please have a look at the “Settings” (“Einstellungen”) and then the second item named “Used Storage” (“Verwendeter Speicher”). I don’t know what the Android app looks like (and have not way to check it), but as far as I know the mobile apps, they are all but identical.

Different people, different views. Obviously. Here’s mine: Why should a feature be a must or more than a nice-to-have whose single benefit is to make an existing (well-working and established) function a litlte more comfy to use?

That’s it :+1: I expected a similar UI approach in the Android app as in the Client (a small bar). Thank you very much you pointed me to settings.

Seafile has a small footprint and is - at least from my point of view - very stable. I like it.

Seafile is a service provider for me. If a service provider cancels it’s contract the customer should get notified. Let’s take your power supplier for example. I don’t think you will be happy if he turns of the power all of a sudden :roll_eyes:

Glad I could help!

I hear your reasoning regarding service provider, but I disagree. When operated as your private file cloud, Seafile is is not your service provider, you service yourself. Seafile is merely a tool you use. You have full control over the system and the system does not withhold information from you. So no blame there.

Anyway … I am pretty sure, the Seafile team and community contributions will sooner or later gift this feature to us.

I don’t want to blame anybody. I just want to explain why I find this feature very important :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree. Would be great. Crossing fingers.

Just one final comment: I wrote the quota consumption bar is a workaround. But it mitigates the issue only. A workaround will solve the issue by using a different path.

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Puh, I only partially agree. Yes, a user should have a feeling for his data and the size. In theory a user should have a clue about everything what is going on on his/her machine, services, … And today a user has many of them. It depends strongly on the kind of user. And most users are normal/average ones. And for them and maybe for every user good services AND TOOLS (how you call it correctly, if hosted by yourself) do not explicitly depend on the skill/interaction of their user! So at the end a user should/will maybe have only a rough clue about the size of their data, which is synced/backed up by Seafile. Following this clue, e.g. a user decides about the plan of a service or the hard drive he/she will use for the own Seafile server. But the average user (for whom should Seafile be developed, too) should/WILL NOT think about every bit and byte he/she uploads. Maybe the user wouldn’t even think about uploading it, because they delegate it to a service/tool. They will only think about the data in the way it is important for their work.

So, you shouldn’t think much about quota, you shouldn’t much think about using Seafile, when working on your stuff and after you’ve done your initial decision about the boundary conditions. You should indeed think only about your stuff, which maybe earns you the money and let you live. Seafile works best, if you do not realize it is doing its job, but you know it will notify you, if there is something to do for you. Boy, i haven’t seen the gui of my Seafile Client for about ages! I almost forgot that it is there, but Seafile should not forget about me. If your data usage suddenly changes (got a new camera and now shoot in raw, …) or you miscalculated on your Seafile plan or your self set quota on your own Seafile server (to control data usage on your server), Seafile should say hello to you by itself and report, that you run out of storage. Maybe even when only 5% of free space is left. And YES it should uses email in first place for this, because this will use the contact information you already have about your users. Email is ubiquitary. Everybody uses it. Everybody can receive it.
That is may be the reason why:

Deal with it! Email/SMTP is still the fundamental/ultimative protocol of communication of the internet. And here, too, it would be wrong to say:
Users should have a total clue and control over their mail inbox. They should think about their mails every minute and work on manually limiting the flood of incoming mails, maybe only communicate with 5 services and 10 people! Please, do not just use it as a tool of communication!
NO, therefore a mail service should provide filters, tags, labels, automation, etc, because people can’t have a clue what’s going on in the world of email.

What Seafile could do in this case, is to provide an opt out in the notification settings section, if somebody like you gets to many emails and do not want to get notified or is a technical interested guy, who monitors his data usage by him/herself and don’t need to be informed!

Choice, ma friend! It’s about choice and useful features. And this quota notification feature is IMHO much more necessary and fundamental than a new editor! That is the reason why almost every service/tool which handles data quota has a notification feature for this.


@rdb we are not discussing about the presence of the quota usage in the client. As @Nytrm pointed out many users are not “power users” who want to learn what they are using and how it works. They just want it to work.

IMO a feature that tells them they are going out of storage is a must.

Just to point out this: many other cloud storage service will warn you when the quota is full (or nearly full).


10 months has passed and still no answer from the team. Is there any planned feature implementing about this?


Another 6 months, sill nothing. UP for this feature!


No News ?
its very big problem for my users when the quota is full witch an automatically sync …
@daniel.pan ?


We will add a command to notify users when their quota are about to reach.


Very Good news,
In 7.1.4 pro version please … ? :slight_smile:

any news?

The feature is already added in the latest pro version. The document is here:

(User Quota Notice section)

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Any chance this feature will be implemented in CE?

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