Notifications about uploading by another user

I want to ask if there is any option to upgrade notification expirence. In ex. I have shared a link to a library with someone, and when he uploaded file I have recieved notification in the seahub panel. But when I shared library with user in seahub, when he uploads file i dont recieve any info about it. Can we extend such notifications like file/dir change?


Hi Rav,

this is already part of the Seafile Pro version, if i understood you right. Do you use Pro ? You have to enable it in the profile page setting of each user.

In Seafile 10, you’ll be able to subscribe to libraries: Roadmap - Seafile

I saw the feature, but it miss information that in. ex. my computer (me as a user) uploaded new files.

Thanks, it may be something which im looking for :slight_smile: