Odd behaviors in the built-in editor?

Comments and questions Re: SeaDroid 2.2.18

I’m new to Seafile with newly installed Seafile software so I’m guessing this is operator error. I can’t figure out how to edit text files as plain text. In the Android app, if I tap on a .txt file, the built-in editor opens. It appears to be oriented toward editing Markdown files. That’d be fine except the editor doesn’t preserve line breaks. If I type four lines into the editor (like a grocery list, one item per line), the file ends up with all the lines joined. Is there a way to use the built-in editor like a normal text editor where it doesn’t try to do any formatting for me?

And there’s another odd behavior in the editor: there doesn’t seem to be any way to exit without saving my editor. Normally, this is good. But there are times when it is bad. When I attempt to exit the editor I get a dialog that says “File Save. Do you want to save and quit? Cancel OK” Mostly I want to tap OK. Sometimes I want to cancel. But sometimes I want to exit bu I don’t want to save. There appears to be no way to do that. The only workaround is to try to use the undo/redo buttons to find the file’s original configuration. Even that would be OK (but irritating) except that repeatedly pressing undo takes me back to an empty file even though the file contained text when I opened it! Maybe the authors of SeaDroid never make an edit they don’t want to save, but I make mistakes. Sometimes I make large mistakes. And, NO, I don’t want to save them. Why is there no way to exit the editor without saving?