Office converter: Error when invoking libreoffice

Platform: CentOS 7

As soon as I click on seafile-tutorial.doc my background server gives in the logs:

[2018-07-22 17:00:08,774] [DEBUG] start to fetch task <type: doc, id: d698d78f7a74cb23ae75fe79c5be79afd152adc1>
[2018-07-22 17:00:14,250] [DEBUG] start to convert task <type: doc, id: d698d78f7a74cb23ae75fe79c5be79afd152adc1>
[2018-07-22 17:00:21,845] [WARNING] error when invoking libreoffice: Verbosity set to level 3
DEBUG: Connection type: pipe,name=seafilepipe;urp;StarOffice.ComponentContext
Input file: /tmp/tmpdUZN7k.doc
Using office base path: /usr/lib64/libreoffice
Using office binary path: /usr/lib64/libreoffice/program
Selected output format: Portable Document Format [.pdf]
Selected office filter: writer_pdf_Export
Used doctype: document

[2018-07-22 17:00:21,845] [WARNING] failed to convert <type: doc, id: d698d78f7a74cb23ae75fe79c5be79afd152adc1> to pdf
[2018-07-22 17:00:21,845] [DEBUG] removing temporary document /tmp/tmpdUZN7k.doc

Where do I start to debug this?

I’ve tried creating an empty Word file, same result. I can’t seem to find any logs that produce errors either.

I’m using OnlyOffice. Can you tell me what that means? Are you trying to open a pdf?

I’m opening a word file which seafile tries to convert to a pdf using libreoffice so it can preview it.

OnlyOffice is always at least 750$ before it can be used right? How is the experience, does it really replace ms office?

OnlyOffice can be used for free. Please See

Can you try other office files?

OnlyOffice costs nothing when you’re using the container. The difference is that OnlyOffice runs erverything on client-side with Javascript and LibreOfficeOnline everything on server-side. I just use LibreOffice formats and now, they’re full compatible, but my Family is always happy with it, so it has a very good integration for ms office files. Only disadvantage is that OO’s PowerPoint doesn’t have the feature of effects. But if you added effects offline, they will 100%ly work after editing online.

I’m confused, what’s the $750 for then?

I can install OnlyOffice on a linux server as mentioned by @marcusm and it just works?

Edit: I reinstalled the whole server and it seems to do its job now, although the actual preview is pretty broken and unresponsive, using 6.3.0 beta. Moving on to installing OnlyOffice now instead hoping to ditch the preview functionality all together, if that’s even possible.

Yes, you can install OO without paying anything. You just have to pay for shitty MS products. What is your problem with 6.3? Even CE 6.3.2 has many bugs, 'CE 6.3.1 runs very stable with no issues.

If you want to get support and some more features or want to use it with more than 20 concurrent users, you can buy ONLYOFFICE but you can also use the Open Source Edition.

Yes, Debian / Ubuntu or CentOS / RedHat or as a Docker Container

That’s because LibreOffice is used, not a bug of 6.3.x - ONLYOFFICE is much better.

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I know this is from OO, but it’s complete the reality

The preview of the starting doc file is unresponisve but does work when the document is shared via a public link. I’m using the pro version and will just wait for 6.3 coming out of beta, which they mentioned would be this month (probably not :stuck_out_tongue: ) also the custom css file is ignored but they said it would be fixed. I need the pro version for high availability :slight_smile:

Thanks for the read, I already ditched collabora and was going to stick with just the preview until I found OO is free to use, will try to install it tomorrow on a 1 gig mem server and see how it runs .

It looks like a bug since it does work when accesing the same document using a ‘shared’ link. The preview for the user is just stuck (can’t scroll down)

The performance of OO just depends on the client’s power.

I can confirm this now, it seems to be running very smooth on such a small server. When I tried libre office my whole machine went nuts with a load over 16, now it’s nice and smooth :smile:

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