Office files / PDF preview also in encrypted libraries


I have many documents in encrypted libraries, not synced to my notebook for security reasons. It was always a pleasure to look into them via web interface.

Then this was changed so that pdf’s etc in encrypted libraries can only be downloaded, not watched in the preview. It was tagged as a security improvement, for me it is a massive security risk. I need to download everything locally to my notebook, then view it in Acrobat, finally delete the file - ah, yes, don’t forget to empty the trashbin also.

I’d love to see this configurable. So anyone can decide if he more likes server side security by not having decrypted things in the cache, others prefer not having encrypted files loaded to the client. A global configuration flag would be fine, but that could also be per library.

For my side, my server is ways harder to steal than my notebook although I really take care of it. So I’d really love to have it the “old way”. :smirk:

For a quick fix you can edit the file seafile-server-latest/seahub/seahub/views/ and locate the lines and comment it out:

if repo and repo.encrypted and (file_type in (DOCUMENT, SPREADSHEET,
    return (False, _(u'The library is encrypted, can not open file online.'))

@meowClown: Awesome, that works and makes me quite happy right now. :relaxed:

However, finally a configuration option would be appreciated as patching the file after each update is not the final solution :wink:

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Right. I made a feature request for that long time ago :wink:
It would be nice I could choose this with an option in the admin panel.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind.

Then it would be awesome if you can set the filetypes which can be viewed raw in the admin panel. Currently you have to edit the to view *.hpp (for example) files online.

@daniel.pan are there any updates on this topic?

As the CE now also can use the online office feature this might be from interest again. With the workaround mentioned above its just possible to view PDFs in encrypted libraries but not Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

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It’s a security issue to enable it for encrypted libraries.