Official docker image for raspberry 4

Hello everyone

I found a thread here from jun 19 talking about official docker image for raspberry 4.
I myself have one with 8gb ram, ubuntu 20.04, 2 x 5TB disk in btrfs mirror and i’d like to use seafile.
Problem is, i couldn’t make a correct manuel installation (mostly cause of python compilation failing), and the docker compose use a x86 image for seafile so the container crash at launch.

I found a working image here github.c o m/hanwckf/seafile-arm64-docker but if i’m not mistaken it’s from a third party. My knowledge of docker is basic so i don’t feel confortable using third-party images, i do not want any backdoor in my home server.

So my questions are :slight_smile:

  • is there an official docker image for raspberry 4 (8gb if possible)
  • will there be one for seafile 8 ?
  • could someone make an official documentation for arm ? or at the very least, precise on the current documentation it only applies to x86 64. I spent hours trying to understand if I was a noob or if the documentation was wrong…

Besides, I tried nextcloud on a snap on my raspberry with the 2 disks on zfs. At first everything seemed to work more or less right but got some errors when trying to send my 40gb of photos. All the sync client were then spamming me of errors messages concerning 4 - 5 photos that i couldn’t even delete on the pi, they didn’t exist. Even after renaming i still got errors. Got sick of all those little quirks (there was others little oddities) and ditched everything, i want a very reliable solution for data storage.

Thanks for reading everyone :kissing:



I’m really interested too for my raspberry pi 4!
Also tried Nextcloud and also had issues.
Tried to ask same question few days ago but I got no answers. I hope you’ll be luckier than me!

I’m looking for the exact same thing!

Did any of you guys finally made Seafile run a docker container at a Raspberry Pi? If so, would you share the yaml with us?

The official image is now built for arm64 too, thus you can follow the deployment guide and it should just work.